Time for LASIK? 5 Reasons Your Contact Lenses Want You to Lose Your Endurance Event

Submitted by Clavenna Vision Institute on April 19, 2017

Contact Lenses – May help you Lose

Contact lenses are prone to make you more of a liability than an asset in an endurance event.  Teams of friends go miles through dirty, muddy, grueling obstacles for the bragging rights of having completed something very challenging together. Here are five ways your contact lenses could become a problem during your event.

1. The muddy water section

Because the organizers think it’s “fun,” there’s always a section where the team wades through neck-high muddy water, usually early on in the race. And your contacts aren’t even supposed to go underwater when that water’s relatively clean, much less too dirty to see through. When you have to paddle, better keep that head above water.

2. When push comes to shove, don’t lose a contact

These are high-contact running events — which is to say you’re likely to get jostled around a bit. Fingers crossed you don’t jostle a contact out of your eye.

3. And if you do lose a contact…

Don’t make your team look for it. It’ll slow you down, and even if by some miracle someone finds it, you won’t be able to get it back in without your contact solution on you. So you’ll be going squinty / semi-blurry for the rest of the race, which is not fun. And also dangerous.

4. Multi-day running

To keep this party going, some endurance runs are multi-day, with different runners taking up different legs of the race and running all through the day and the night. It’s cute, because it’s hard but it’s also like camping. What’s not cute is having to manage multiple days of contacts while also managing camping gear, endurance food, all that good stuff.

5. Crying

It’s ok to cry during these events.  Just keep the ugly face sobbing to a minimum so as not to weep out a lens, or else see items 2 and 3 above.


Contacts are great. They help you see without having to wear glasses all day. But they’re not for everyone, and if you want to live your life to the limit without factoring in the hassles of contacts maybe it’s a good time to take another look at LASIK. There are ways to pay for it through special financing we offer.  If you just want to know if you are a good candidate contact our office to schedule your free LASIK evaluation.  So you’ve no excuse. Unless you want an excuse to wriggle out of your friends’ endurance running team. In which case, “I can’t, I wear contacts” is a pretty good one.