Back to School Means Time for Children’s Eye Exams

Submitted by Melissa Gold on September 4, 2018

Back to school is in full force, so now is the time for school physicals, sports physicals and of course eye exams. We recommend that children have their first eye exam before starting kindergarten, then every other year thereafter. When children grow, their eyes grow too. As a person’s eye grows and changes their vision will change as well. Some children will need glasses at a young age, and some will never need glasses. But, we don’t want children missing important information while learning if there are vision issues that are being missed.

There is more to a child’s first eye exam besides determining whether or not they require glasses. There are other common disorders that can affect a child’s ability to see well, that are looked for during an examination. It is estimated that 25% of school-age children have some form of vision problem. Most children will have their vision screened either by their pediatrician or by their school, which fortunately catches many problems early. Unfortunately, some eye issues still get overlooked which is why a comprehensive eye exam by one of our doctors is recommended starting at age five. If your child needs glasses, our optical department offers a large selection of children’s frames as well as complete children’s eyeglass packages including polycarbonate lenses.  Please call our office 248-646-3733 to set up an appointment for your child or yourself!


Eye Exam Schedule for Healthy Eyes

  • Age 5 First Eye Exam
  • Age 6-45 Every one to two years
  • Age 45-60 Every one to two years
  • Age 60 and over Every Year