Breast Cancer and Eye Health

Submitted by Josh Talkington on May 11, 2009

You may wonder how eye health and breast cancer are related, they don’t seem like they’d go together. However, when tumors from elsewhere in body (metastatic tumors) have spread to the eye, the most common type of tumor found in women is breast cancer. Lung cancer is the second most common, which is also the most common type found in men.

Metastatic tumors have been detected in the eye for over 100 years, although it was difficult to determine where the tumors had arisen from at that time. Today, with newer examination techniques, increased knowledge by Ophthalmologists and Oncologists, tumors are more readily identified and treatments can be started, when detected. It has been estimated that 5% of patients with metastatic spread of a cancer will have some involvement of the eye.