Clavenna Vision Institute Now Offers ORA Advantage to Cataract Surgery Patients

Submitted by Clavenna Vision Institute on December 27, 2012

ORA Advantage Clavenna Vision Institute is proud to announce that our Ophthalmologists are one of only a handful in Michigan that are able to offer the ORA Advantage; a revolutionary new option used during cataract surgery to optimize your postoperative visual outcomes. The ORA system provides an on-demand analysis of the eyes during cataract surgery, not possible with today’s conventional measurements and instruments. At any point in the cataract procedure, your surgeon can easily take a measurement, which is then analyzed and used to guide your surgeon’s decision making to optimize your vision. Prior to ORA, surgeons have been unable to assess the quality of vision during the procedure, and would have to wait until weeks after the procedure to determine the accuracy of the results. The ORA measures the eye’s focusing power during cataract surgery so the surgeon knows the results instantly. Then, adjustments can be made during, instead of after, surgery. The ORA is especially helpful in treating patients with astigmatism and cataract patients with previous LASIK surgery.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment if you are thinking of having cataract surgery so you can find out more about the ORA Advantage.