Don’t Sacrifice LASIK Quality

Submitted by Josh Talkington on October 20, 2016

LASIK candidates want premium technology used for their best vision.  Clavenna Vision Institute has always been on the cutting edge. Our doctors use the most advanced laser treatments available. Most want the newest technology available for your phone, computer, TV, etc….but what about for your eyes?  Technology changes over time. That’s why we provide the most advanced LASIK procedures available.


We decided to take at look at some past technologies and see what was once cutting edge. Enjoy this blast from the past. Remember that at Clavenna Vision Institute you will always have the very best care from our ophthalmologists who use only premium technology.

1. Cellphones

Millennials may not remember when cell phones looked like this

Mobile 40th: Motorola DynaTAC 8000X


2. Walkman

Or when the Walkman was how you listened to your music on a jog because there were no smart phones…

Image result for image of an old walkman


3. Camcorder


To be a child in the 80s and early 90s surely meant the embarrassment with Dad stalking around every major holiday and life event with a network news size camera better known as a camcorder  over his shoulder. While it’s nice to have childhood memories stored in a musty basement forever, it is much easier to have all of your favorite moments saved directly onto your computer, where you can edit, watch and share socially, all with the push of a key.




LASIK technology continues to advance as well, and Clavenna Vision Institute’s experienced team has been leading the advancement of laser eye surgery for over 20 years. Our laser-only technology allows for the most precise and accurate LASIK procedures available.


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