Glasses No More

Submitted by Clavenna Vision Institute on March 14, 2012

Dr. Clavenna and Dr. Fitzgerald have developed a comfort and confidence with the latest technologies that take cataract surgery one step further than simply replacing the cloudy lens. With more than 700 cataract surgeries completed by the doctors per year, their goal is to offer their patients options that best suit their individual visual needs. In the past, after cataract surgery patients were still dependent on glasses because the replacement lens was mono-focal, meaning that there was still a need for glasses either for distance or up close. Using the most advanced technology available, the Ophthalmologists at Clavenna Vision Institute can place implants that will correct visual problems and astigmatism as well. So not only will the cataract be gone, but the dependency on glasses may be gone too.

Patients need to talk to their doctors about all their options and get the implant that addresses their visual needs. In addition, Dr. Clavenna and Dr. Fitzgerald are very skilled Michigan LASIK surgeons. Sometimes after premium IOL surgery there is a need for a slight tweaking of the vision which can easily be achieved by a simple LASIK procedure. We frequently see patients who have not been offered this option by another cataract surgeon and are unhappy with their result. At Clavenna Vision Institute, near Detroit, MI, the LASIK surgery is included in the pricing for the premium IOL when deemed necessary. When thinking about choosing your cataract surgeon for a premium IOL it is important to choose one that is a skilled LASIK surgeon as well.