The importance of sunglasses during winter months.. and don’t forget your eyewear protection when skiing and snowboarding!

Submitted by Josh Talkington on February 4, 2016





Sun protection for the eyes is as critical during the winter months as the summer months. During our snowy Michigan winter months, the Ultraviolet rays from the sun are just as intense as they are in the summer even on gray, overcast days.   Extended, unprotected exposure to UV rays, can over time lead to a number of eye diseases including cataracts and macular degeneration.  The glare of the sun reflected off snow and ice can be especially troublesome. UV coated lenses play an essential role in maintaining good eye health and protection from UV rays.  Remember to look for UV protection details when purchasing eyewear.  Polycarbonate lenses offer built-in ultraviolet protection.  Polarized sunglasses and goggles help to avoid the discomfort of the glare of the sun. People at the highest risk for sun related ocular problems include children, outdoor workers, and snow sports enthusiasts. It is necessary for parents to understand the potential effects of ultraviolet light, and the importance of protecting children’s eyes now, when it will offer the most benefit.  Speak to your ophthalmologist at your routine exam and ask our opticians at Clavenna Vision Institute about UV protection for sunglasses and ski goggles that we carry.  Contact us to set up your eye exam, 248-646-3733.