July is fireworks safety month

Submitted by Josh Talkington on August 18, 2009

Even if the Fourth of July is past us on the calendar, fireworks are still a very common cause of eye injuries in the Summer months. From the smallest sparkler to the high velocity Roman candles, fireworks can cause damage to the eye from heat and impact. It is recommended that only adults handle fireworks, and with safety eyewear in place. Never look down the barrel of a firework that has not gone off and be weary of ‘duds’.

Aside from fireworks, summer outdoor activities can also be a cause of eye injury. Again, it is recommended for everyone to wear saftety eyewear when using any motorized lawncare tools or machinery. With June being UV awareness month, we recommend safety glasses with a UV protection on them as well. With the summer in full swing, have fun, and be safe.