LASIK and Lifestyle Advantages

Submitted by Josh Talkington on January 29, 2015

LASIK and Lifestyle Advantages

LASIK is a big investment in your eye health, but there are so many lifestyle advantages to having LASIK that the risks do outweigh the benefits. Long-term, LASIK is one of the simplest things to do that makes your day-to-day living more convenient. The technology has come so far today that the surgery performed by our surgeons is efficient with amazing results.

Of course one of the advantages to LASIK is the best vision possible. But, did you realize just how much time you spend each day to make sure you see, or what you do to ensure proper sight? Here are just a few things that will make a positive impact on your lifestyle by having LASIK:


  • Camping; no need to pack in lens solution
  • Napping: ever broken your glasses while you’ve fallen asleep reading? No more!
  • Swimming; being able to see your friends without water spots or the fear of losing your contacts
  • Sleeping; waking up and being able to immediately read the alarm clock
  • Walking outside in the winter; no fogging lenses!
  • Opening the oven door: again, no fogging lenses!
  • Falling asleep with contacts and having them stuck to your eyes from dryness

These and many more issues disappear after LASIK surgery. It is advised to research your Detroit, Birmingham/Troy LASIK surgeon, and verify that you are a good candidate. Inquire about what options are available to you, which are the best for your best possible vision, and what improvements you may see in your lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions of the do’s and don’ts regarding LASIK surgery:

  • For safety’s sake, someone else needs to drive you home from surgery, even if you’re only having surgery performed on one eye.
  • Swimming is not allowed for two weeks. Don’t look directly into your shower water.
  • Avoid contact sports and sports with balls until your doctor gives you the ok (usually about two weeks).
  • No eye make-up for about a week.
  • Your doctor will talk to you about what particulars you need to be aware of as each patient’s needs are different, as is his or her recovery.


Our Board Certified Ophthalmologistfs, Carl F. Clavenna, M.D. and Gregory B. Fitzgerald discuss with their patients at length which procedure is best. Choosing an ethical and competent Michigan LASIK surgeon can have a huge impact on the success of your procedure and the reduction in potential complications. Invest in yourself by choosing one of our highly respected refractive surgeons. Contact us today at 248-646-3733#ClavennaVision Institute to schedule your free consultation.