LASIK or PRK for Military Personnel

Submitted by Josh Talkington on October 22, 2014


Clavenna Vision Institute fully supports our United States Military and offers Special Military LASIK/PRK prices for all active duty, reserve, veterans, National Guard, and retired military personnel who do not already have insurance discounts.  Each branch of the US Military now has its own policy for Vision Correction Surgery using both LASIK and/or PRK (PRK differs from LASIK only in the way the cornea is exposed to the Laser.  A flap is created with LASIK, while PRK removes the epithelial skin covering the cornea).  Members of our Armed Forces find that long hours in harsh climates with dirt, dust, and debris from explosive devices make contact lenses and glasses inappropriate and even dangerous.  Military LASIK/PRK candidates must follow certain protocols and get prior approval for Vision Correction Surgery.  We provide all the necessary documentation needed for the military that is requested by the patient.  We are proud of our many LASIK/PRK patients that serve or have served in the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force.  Please contact our office in Birmingham, MI with any questions you may have.  Schedule your free LASIK/PRK evaluation with one of our doctors to see if you are a good candidate.