Painless LASIK Surgery

Submitted by Josh Talkington on November 28, 2017

LASIK Surgery

Are you over the age of 18? Tired of the hassle of contacts and glasses? Ready to just wake-up-and-go? It may be time for you to look into #LASIK! LASIK surgery itself is painless and takes only 10 minutes per eye due to the laser technology available today.  LASIK patients are given a mild oral sedative and eye drops to anesthetize or numb the eye. Patients may experience some mild burning on the evening of the procedure as the cornea begins to heal, but they usually feel fine by the next morning and return to normal activities, including driving.

Wavefront LASIK differs from conventional LASIK surgery only in the way your prescription is taken. Wavefront technology was first developed for use in the field of Astronomy to help correct for atmospheric distortion of starlight. This LASIK technology was then used to improve the image of the Hubble space telescope. Eye specialists became interested in this technology in the 1990s.

Normal Healing Process

After your procedure the healing process is very rapid. We recommend our patients wear protective eyewear, during contact-related activities, for one month. Eye rubbing should also be avoided for several months. In most cases, the eyes look normal and feel fine the first day after the procedure is performed.

Few Side Effects from LASIK Surgery

All surgical procedures have risks and LASIK surgery is no exception. You can definitely reduce your risks by choosing the right surgeon and following the recommendations. The term “loss of vision” does not mean blindness. Loss of vision means that an eye cannot see as well as it did before, even with the use of eyeglasses. Loss of vision can be severe or very slight. The national risk for loss of any vision from the LASIK procedure is less than 1%. In Dr. Clavenna’s and Dr. Fitzgerald’s hands, the loss of any vision is less than 0.05%.

Excellent Results

Like any surgical procedure, results vary from patient to patient. But, based on the results of approximately 5,000 procedures, excellent outcomes are experienced by the vast majority of our Birmingham and Troy LASIK patients. Clavenna Vision Institute has tracks and compares the visual quality of our patients to other centers. Our results far exceed those of most. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible results with the least risk. We use a 28-step evaluation to plan your procedure, which we believe is the highest quality of care available. There are A LOT of great gift ideas for the holidays this year, but one gift that never goes out of style and lasts forever is LASIK. Contact Clavenna Vision Institute to schedule your free LASIK evaluation today!