LASIK vs. Lenses

Submitted by Clavenna Vision Institute on November 29, 2012

Glasses can scratch, break, fog up, slip off and sometimes interfere with side vision. Contacts may irritate the eyes and cause eye infections. LASIK is the answer for eyes that cannot tolerate glasses or contacts, or for patients who simply want to be free from the burden of wearing and caring for corrective lenses.

LASIK patients even enjoy a broader choice of careers and athletic activities after they have the surgery. LASIK especially benefits sports enthusiasts, parents and frequent travelers. Athletes enjoy better performance when they can play their sports unencumbered by glasses or contacts. Moms and dads also benefit from the surgery; they can swim lens-free with their kids or respond to nighttime emergencies without having to grope for glasses or contacts. Frequent travelers can enjoy the convenience and safety (in case of emergency) of life on the road without corrective lenses.Pool

The procedure and recovery are so quick and easy. LASIK can even save time and money; patients no longer have to buy new glasses, contacts or cleaning supplies, and they don’t have to spend time looking for their glasses or cleaning their contacts.

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