Contact Lenses
in Detroit, Troy, & Birmingham

Also serving Royal Oak & Clawson, MI

Contact lenses remain a popular option for vision correction. We offer both contact lens fitting for new wearers and contact lens checks for veteran wearers.

Clavenna Vision Institute will fit both Soft and Rigid Gas Permeable (hard) lenses.

Soft disposable lenses come in many disposable frequencies from replacing them every day to once a year. A nice compromise between cost and cleanliness is a two week replacement lens.

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (or hard lenses) are usually used if you have a lot of astigmatism or irregularly shaped corneas. They offer exceptional clarity but tend to be less comfortable.

With a contact lens fitting we will measure your eyes and put a contact lens on your cornea which best fits your eye. The fitting includes refining the prescription as well as teaching you how to insert and remove the contact lenses. Proper lens cleaning and care are also discussed in detail.

Contact lens checks, which need to be done annually, involve checking that the lenses fit well, refining the prescription and reviewing lens care.

If you are interested in or currently are wearing contact lenses please let us know when you make your appointment or contact us to answer any questions.

Patients who are looking for a long-term eye correction option that does not require contact lenses or eye wear can visit our LASIK experts for laser vision corrective surgery in Birmingham.

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