Pediatric Eye Exam
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Does my child need glasses?

When should my child have her first eye exam?

Can my child’s droopy eyelids be corrected?

For the answers to these questions and others you might have, our doctors are trained to correctly diagnose their pediatric patients’ eyes and successfully care for their needs. Our doctors are well-versed in the issues that children’s eyes are susceptible to.

We recommend that children have their first eye exam at age 5. Pediatricians do a great job of screening children which catches many problems early, however a comprehensive exam is recommended. Regardless of age we can do a thorough eye exam and determine an accurate glasses prescription if needed.

Comprehensive eye exams are so important in order to detect a lazy eye. The medical term for a lazy eye is amblyopia. This is a condition which is fairly common and can only be corrected if caught and treated before age 8. Sometimes there are little to no symptoms of amblyopia and only an eye exam can detect it.

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More About the Doctors at Clavenna Vision Institute

As a leading provider of laser eye surgery patients come to in order to repair various refractive errors, the Clavenna Vision Institute is home to some of the most experienced and highly skilled LASIK surgeons in Michigan. Due to the expertise of Dr. Carl Clavenna and Dr. Gregory Fitzgerald, LASIK and cataract surgery patients are quickly able to enjoy the benefits of clear vision without the need of cumbersome eyeglasses or uncomfortable contact lenses.