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 Post-LASIK Eye Care Tips

Submitted by Josh Talkington on June 7, 2017

Post LASIK care is an important step of the LASIK procedure, and if done correctly will ensure a smooth recovery. Everybody’s body heals differently, resulting in various recovery time frames.  Nonetheless, follow these eye care tips and your doctor’s instructions after getting LASIK surgery for the best results.

1. Rest

After any sort of surgery, rest provides your body with the energy it needs to heal itself.  After LASIK surgery in particular, it is important to close your eyes periodically to aid eye rehabilitation and reduce dry eyes and irritation.

2. Coverage is Key

Immediately after the surgery, you will notice an increased sensitivity in your eyes. Wearing sunglasses outdoors can help as well. Similarly, at night, wear goggles the doctor provides for the first week to prevent injury from unconscious eye rubbing.

3. Avoid Particles

Similar to any open wound, it is vital to keep the area clean and safe from unwanted particles.  Mainly for the first week, avoid dirty or dusty areas.  Avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent further irritation.

4. Relax the Eye Muscle 

The eye is  a muscle, and should be treated as such.  Keeping that in mind, try not to strain your eyes too much.

5. Avoid  Eye Makeup

For the first week after LASIK surgery eye make up should be avoided.  Particles can get into the eye causing irritation to the cornea.  In addition, rubbing of the eyes is involved when taking off makeup.


6. Watch Out for Water

Even though water seems like a harmless cleanser, it has the ability to bring unwanted chemicals and particles into the eye.  Avoid swimming and hot tubs for the following month.

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