Save on Glasses for Back to School

Submitted by Clavenna Vision Institute on August 30, 2012

clavenna1Now is the time to soak up as much sun and fun as possible before it is BACK TO SCHOOL! Before the start of school, families tend to stock up on what’s seen as back to school essentials. While we’re so busy planning for the new school year, we tend to forget to take care of one of the most basic essentials; which are our eyes. 1 in every 4 children has a vision problem that can interfere with learning, according to the Vision Council of America. Getting a pediatric eye exam is important before the start of the school year because you want to start the school year off right – with good vision. If you have children in school, get their eyes examined once a year.

For parents of children who do wear glasses the question that lingers is “How many pairs of glasses does my child need?” Kids are kids and sometimes they lose or damage their glasses. Consider investing in a back up pair so your child doesn’t fall behind while scrambling for replacements. Also sports goggles are great for those children active in sports. And, do not forget about the importance of no-glare and Transition lenses in schools, glare is often created by fluorescent lighting and computer screens. Lenses with no-glare technology reduce reflections, allowing young eyes to see better and more comfortably. Nicole and Nancy in our optical department will help you choose the eyeglass frames and lenses that are just right for your child. And as a thank you for buying multiple pairs of glasses for your child, we will take 25% off of the 2nd pair purchased. (Some restrictions do apply. Ask our opticians Nancy and Nicole about this Back to School offer.)