Spring Eye Care and Allergy Eye Tips

Submitted by Josh Talkington on March 28, 2017

Springtime is upon us as is the start of allergy season and bright UV rays. Here is a list of eye care tips to help protect your eyes and vision as we emerge from hibernation and engage in outdoor activities.

Protect Yourself From Pollen

Along with the beautiful spring weather comes a more unpleasant guest—allergies. The symptoms of allergies can cause red, itchy, and dry eyes that can be a huge damper on your springtime activities. So what can you do to help mitigate those symptoms?

For one thing, wear sunglasses when you’re outside. Not only will they help block some of the pollen in the air from entering your eyes, but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. It can be easy to forget your shades on those first few sunny spring days, but do your best to remember to grab them before you head outside.

Wash It Off And Out

You should also make sure you wash your hands frequently, as pollen can get everywhere this time of year—including your hands. And unfortunately, many people reach to their face to rub their red and irritated eyes, compounding the problem by getting the pollen on their hands into their eyes. Regular washing can help keep your hands mostly free from pollen and make this less of an issue.

Artificial tears can also help with your allergy symptoms, washing irritants out of the eyes and soothing dry and itchy eyes that cause irritation and redness.  It is best to speak with one of our doctors to help determine or rule out if your symptoms are due to an eye infection, dry eyes, or inflammation. They can help you with the appropriate course of treatment.

Looking Good!

The demand for the latest style in sunglasses starts to increase in the spring. Select a pair of shades that block 100% of UV rays while staying at the height of fashion. One of our fabulous opticians can help you pick out the right look!


Spring brings a myriad of outdoor sports, including baseball, tennis, golf, and soccer – all of which have potential to cause eye injuries. If you or your family members play sports, talk with your eye care provider about wearing the proper eye protection or prescription eye protection.  Contact our office in Birmingham, MI  to schedule your appointment.

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