The iLASIK Procedure

Submitted by Clavenna Vision Institute on August 5, 2014

The oiLASIKld adage “What you see is what you get” rings especially true when it comes to LASIK. Pricing by discount eye centers can seem like a great deal, but the buyer should beware. Discounted pricing is only available to individuals whose vision meets certain criteria. At Clavenna Vision Institute, we offer the procedure that is custom tailored to your eyes. The No. 1 deciding factor when considering vision correction should be quality of vision obtained as a result of the best care possible.

Clavenna Vision Institute in Detroit suburb of Birmingham, MI., is pleased that its surgeons offer iLASIK, which is safer and more precise than ever — 100 percent blade-free and 100 percent customized to your eyes. iLASIK reshapes the cornea to correct the refractive imperfections in the eye (that cause near or far images to look distorted and blurry). When you have the iLASIK procedure, each step of your treatment will be completely integrated and fully personalized, utilizing advanced vision correction technology.

The first step in the iLASIK procedure is to perform a wavefront diagnosis using the WaveScan WaveFront system. Your eye is unique — as personal as your fingerprint or your DNA. The WaveScan WaveFront system creates a 3-D map that provides detailed information about your vision correction requirements to develop an individualized laser vision correction plan.

The next step is to create a flap on the surface of the eye. This has traditionally been performed using a mechanical device and steel blade called a microkeratome. Fear, especially of this aspect of the procedure, is what keeps many great candidates from getting LASIK. IntraLase is a very fast laser that has made it possible to perform all-laser LASIK; meaning no blade and no mechanical device. This makes for a safer and more precise procedure.

Once the LASIK flap has been made, a second, ultra-precise laser is used to gently reshape the cornea to the desired curvature, based on the digital information from your personalized WaveScan WaveFront map.

Dr. Clavenna and Dr. Fitzgerald were among the very first doctors performing iLASIK at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Mich. Well over 1 million iLASIK procedures have been performed worldwide. If you are thinking about having LASIK, know that only iLASIK offers the best and safest vision correction for your eyes. Call 248-646-3733 for a free LASIK consultation!